Lent: A Weekly Devotional 

Beginning with Ash Wednesday and then each Sunday following, we'll begin sending out weekly Lenten devotionals to your inbox. This will be a digital variation of our Keeping Sacred Time Lent Devotional cards. If you'd prefer to journey through this Lenten devotional device free, then please feel free to purchase a set of these cards from the Venn store.

The devotional follows the six weeks of the Lenten fast, beginning on Ash Wednesday and culminating in Palm Sunday. The Sundays of Lent are feast days: on those days we don’t fast but celebrate the Sabbath together. For each week, we’ve provided a Scripture reading, a reflection, a question for you to ponder together, and a collect (a short, written prayer) to conclude.

You can use these devotionals by yourself, but it’s best done with others: with flatmates, with your church small group, over a gathering of neighbours or friends, or with your family. This devotional will be followed by the Holy Week resource, which leads us through Jesus’s final teaching, trial, and death, before resolving in our celebration of Easter Day.

However you use these devotionals, may they become a humble and hope-filled pathway through this season. We invite you to join us in the Lenten pilgrimage.

Locally produced by Venn Foundation, this resource is designed to help churches, small groups, households, and individuals enter into the season of Lent. These beautiful devotionals will lead you through the six weeks of Lent, culminating in Palm Sunday. Look out for the daily Holy Week devotionals as we approach Easter Sunday.

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